Ukulelezaza solo ukulele song book # 02 (2014)

Video directly on YOUTUBE HERE


Hello everybody !

Ukulele good news today !  The UKULELEZAZA solo ukulele book number 2 just arrived

Just like the ukulele solo book number one (2012 review HERE), the number two is a ukulele tab book with a DVD.

Ukulelezaza_ael_book_ukulele (1)In the DVD, you will see Ukulelezaza playing his arrangements of 13 standards and 3 of his original songs.

The ukulele solo book is made of very nice paper and videos are in great quality.

I love that “old school ukulele style” of playing.

In the book, there are some pictures and informations about some ukuleles from the “zaza collection”. Like that, in this # 02 you will learn more about Knutsen ukuleles, Hollywood ukuleles and brand new “zaza style 3”.

To get your own ukulelezaza book, you just need to go to the Ukulelezaza ETSY store : HERE

Now, I just need to find enough time to learn all this greats arrangement !!!

Ukulelezaza_ael_book_ukulele (3)

Ukulelezaza_ael_book_ukulele (2)Ukulelezaza_ael_book_ukulele (4)Ukulelezaza_ael_book_ukulele (5)

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