Ukulelezaza solo ukulele song book # 01 (2012)


Ukulelezaza_ael_ukulele_book_kumalaeHello everybody !

Here is a little presentation of the “Solo Ukulele Book” # 01made by the incredible ukulele player…. Ukulelezaza.

This book/DVD  is a little treasure…

First, the book is beautiful… very nice paper and great esthetic presentation… than… the content is THE treasure by itself.

You will find 16 songs arranged by Ukulelezaza. Of course the playing ukulele style of this master is “old school ukulele”… and this is a great thing. With this music book, you will be very far from Mr Shimabukuro (or others modern players)… that’s what I love so much in “zaza” music.

You will find the 20’ ukulele spirit.

For the moment I have try to learn only one song… and my musical ukulele level had incredibly grow up while I was learning the song.

The work of the thumb is very interesting. This Book makes me absolutely enthusiast…

With the book, there is a DVD with all the 16 songs played by Ukulelezaza and some explication about different  strumming.


To get your own ukulelezaza book, you just need to go  to the Ukulelezaza ETSY store : HERE


After a few days of practice, to illustrate all this I have try to play “Drifting and dreaming”. I hope you will like those videos, I have done my very best .

I have play the song with three different ukuleles.

Video 01 : Kiwaya KTS 8 RK (Vintage Martin 3K Replica)

Video 02 : Fine Resophonic Resonator Wood Body (Koa)

Video 03 : National (1928) Large body german silver style 2

Here is a video of « drifting and dreaming » from the book # 01 you will see a comparison between two resonator ukuleles.


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