Gottfried David Gfrerer : New album « Polychrome »

Hello ! Here is for me on of the biggest marvelous surprise that I have hear on CD from many many years !

The INCREDIBLE record of Gottfried David Gfrerer.

Gottfried is a song writer who use only wooden triolians from the end on the 20’ made by the National Strings Instrument Co’ (Los Angeles). He is also playing some reproduction of Triolain polychrome made by himself.

His voice is really sweet and is interpretation of his songs are terrific, he is a fantastic resonator player, his fingerstyle is very technical and subtle.

This record is somewhere between Bob Brozman (in more delicate and sensitive style) and Mark Knopfler (for the composition and voice style and the way to make our soul travel), his songs are well compose and very well played.

Like I told, his voicie is sweat and is interpretation very delicate, he put some trully emotions in his interpretations, some time you cry and some time you laught because Gottfried had a great sense of humor and you can feel it in his music. Yes, songs can give you smile.

Gottfried play some resonators guitars, but he is not at all a bluesman, he is a modern song writer who had learn all the blues, swing and folk heritage of the last century and offers now some intemporal songs rich of this past.

All the songs had been recording live with no addiontoanl overdubs, and it sound incredibly. Gottfried perform in front of a microphone like the primitives recording singers of the 20’, 30’.

A great great performance !

Please, listen to Gottfried music. His record is available on his web site (with paypal).

I’m really in love with this record « Polychrome », thank you Gottfried David Gfrerer !!!

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