Aël is juggling with three resonators Ukuleles (first time ever in the world)


Hello !

I’ve just finish a video where I’m doing something very very special… I am juggling with three resonators ukuleles… my two Fine Resophonic Ukuleles and à 1927 National String Instruments Co Ukulele.

I know that I have done this performance for the very first tim on earth… I am very proud… Those ukuleles are quite expensives because they are treasures.

So I will not do this perfomance another time… I hope you will enjoy this,

I have try to speak english during the video, my english is not very good… I hope you will understand my language !


To see the video directly on YouTube… it’s HERE

ael_three_resonator_ukulele_national_fine_resophonicFrom left to Right :

– 2011 Fine Resophonic Koa Ukulele (Video HERE)- 2013 Fine resophonic Dobro Uke Deluxe (Video HERE)

– 1927 National String Instruments Co Ukulele (video HERE)

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